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Flake Ice Machine

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Flake Ice Machine KP50 (Air Cooling)

Description:Koller 5tons capacity flake ice machine KP50 1. capacity: 5tons flake ice in 24hours; 2. flake ice size: 1.5mm~2.0mm in thickness; 3. Adopt the famouse brand-name Bitzer or Bock compressor with Germany brand name; 4. high capacity, low power consumption and low fault 5. Adopt the touch screen to operate, very easy to use. 6. Adopt water cooling system
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Koller 5tons Capacity Flake Ice Machine KP50:

Koller Flake Ice Machine Features:

Evaporator drum: 

use stainless steel 304 or carbon steel chrome for the evaporator drum. The scratch-style system of inside machine ensures constant running at the lowest power consumption, exquisite welding and processing technology ensure high-efficient heat transfer and energy saving.

Ice skates: 

Spiral hob with small resistance and low consumption, ice making evenly without noise

Refrigeration unit: 

main components all from the leading refrigeration technology countries: the United States, Germany, Japan, etc.

Microcomputer intelligent control: 

the machine is using PLC control system with world famous brand components, which control the whole ice making process, meanwhile it can protect the machine when there are water shortage, ice full, high/low pressure alarm, and motor reversal in order to guarantee the machine run stable with less faults.

Koller Flake Ice Machine Application:

Koller flake ice machine have been applied in refreshing vegetable, fruit, foodstuff in supermarket; blast cooling for processing of fishery products and butchery; cooling process in fermentation, dairy production; chemical dyes; cooling in concrete and mining.

Koller Flake Ice Features:

Adopt German original accessories, the flake ice is dry, pure, powder-less, not easy to block, its thickness is about 1.8mm~2mm, without edges or corners which will protect the cooling food, fish, seafood and other products. 

Due to the production of food flake ice machine ice huge surface area, the rapid heat exchanging process, the ice sheet can be quickly melted into water, take the heat away rapidly, incerease the humidity for the mixture. For the dry texture of the ice sheet , which is not easy to block when low temperature storage and in the spiral transportation process, it is easier to storage and transportation.

 Koller KP Series Flake Ice Machine Parameter: 

?Supply Power: 380V?420V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P; 220?240V, 60Hz, 3P; 440V?480V, 60Hz, 3P;
?Standard Working Conditions: Input Water Temperature: 21℃; Condensing Temperature: 40 ℃; Evaporating Temperature: -20 ℃
?Because the technology are developing rapidly, some of the above specifications can be changed without notice.

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